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Blender Visual Effect Beginner Course

Blender Visual Effect Beginner Course

Students will use the open source software Blender to learn computer graphics production, and understand the method of visual communication of information through 3D special effects. Starting from the simplest of basics, the course will teach the relevant knowledge of visual effects production with increasing complexity. In the early stage, the course will focus on the theoretical knowledge of conceiving stories and drawing storyboards. In the later stage, it will focus on practice, guiding students to create 3D media objects, and use character dynamic capture and motion tracking. Technology to create 3D movies. Instructors will demonstrate a number of visual effects production cases in the classroom, and answer students’ questions on the spot, creating a harmonious classroom atmosphere with close teacher-student interaction. Each production case involved in the course is equipped with exercises that students need to complete independently, so that the instructor can evaluate students' mastery of knowledge after class. At the end of the entire course, each student/group should be able to independently complete the production of a complete set of 3D visual effects.



Learning Outcomes

1. Learn the basics of creating 3D visual effects using Blender's tools
2. Learn to make storyboards
3. Learn to make 3D character models and objects
4. Learn to create a short animation using Blender
5. Create a portfolio of 3D visual effects works


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