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Blender Character Rigging and Animation

Blender Character Rigging and Animation

This course will lead students to rig the 3D characters in Blender step-by-step.

Rigging is a key point in 3D character production, which specifically refers to setting up the skeleton system for the finished 3D model, so that it can move according to the animator's wishes, which would pave the way for designing specific character actions later on.

Students will first learn how the rigging system works, and understand the relevant concepts involved in the rigging process such as parent, coordinate system, and local space. After that, students will gradually master the method of 3D character rigging in practice, and by the end of the course, they will be able to rig characters independently.



Learning Outcomes

1. Master the way of rigging a 3D character in Blender for animations and video games
2. Understand how to work with bones for rigging in details
3. Understand the coordinate systems and the weight tools in Blender
4. Become proficient with the rigging features of Blender


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