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Blender 3D Modelling: Introducing the Open-Source Professional 3D Production

Blender 3D Modelling: Introducing the Open-Source Professional 3D Production

This course will start from the basics and teach students to understand and use Blender to model, set up mapping, lighting, rendering, and produce basic animations. In addition, the instructor will cover the advanced features of Blender, such as sculpting, image compositing, geometric nodes, and physics simulation, aiming to provide students with a deeper understanding of Blender.

Blender is an open-source, powerful 3D software that users can use at no cost, and its functions include modeling, rendering, animation production, sculpting, geometric nodes, Python programming, physics simulation, 2D animation production, etc. Blender is comparable to common 3D software in the industry in terms of functionality and recognition. And more importantly, Blender's interface is easy to understand and its modeling process is not complicated, so it is very suitable for beginners who are new to 3D modeling.



Learning Outcomes

1. Learn the basics of Blender, including its system interface, hotkeys, file conversion functions
2. Learn professional modelling techniques in Blender
3. Learn materials and shaders design workflows
4. Learn about lighting basics and effects
5. Learn how to produce simple animations in Blender


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