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Backend Web Development

Backend Web Development

Students who take this course will learn to use Node.js to do backend web developments and manage the backend database using MongoDB. In this course, students will master the techniques and workflow tools for backend web development and be prepared for the backend web development work and other vocations related to the IT industry

The course provides students with the practical knowledge, cutting-edge techniques, and the open-source tools necessary for web development-related jobs, which can pave their way into the digital economy and IT industry, maintaining their employment competitiveness.

Web Applications require support from powerful servers to provide or access the information needed for users, and in that sense, to let users interact with web pages. Netflix, the streaming media platform, and eBay, the largest auction website over the world, and so on, are examples of successful web applications. It requires plenty of web developers to build and maintain this kind of web application, which leads to high demand for talents in related industries.

Web Application Talents In Great Demand
During COVID, the digital economy stage was led by new technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, Internet of Things, and cloud computing to integrate enterprise and market functions. Among them, network applications allow information integration, data sharing, resource deployment and material flow, and play an important role in supporting the resumption of work and production and stabilizing employment. It is obvious that the digital economy and information technology will play an irreplaceable role in future economic developments, so the training of related talents is a matter of great urgency.



Learning Outcomes

1. Be familiar with common tools and technologies used in back-end development, including Node.js, Middleware
2. Understand web application infrastructure through practice
3. Use MongoDB for basic CRUD operations
4. Store, manage, and extract complex web application data
5. Be familiar with the various submodules of web applications, including architecture, software, and platform
6. Understand how various cloud services affect the production of online media in the back-end website


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