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Autodesk Maya Introductory Course

Autodesk Maya Introductory Course

Programme Highlight
  • Create an animated video for students' portfolios
  • Operate basic functions in Autodesk Maya
  • Suitable for beginners with no/minimal experience in 3D modeling and animation
  • Veteran trainer with 25+ years experience in film post production

Day 1 
Introduction of Maya, why Choose Maya (1 hour)
Basic Maya Interface & Operation (2 hours)

Day 2 
Basic 3D Modeling (3 hours)

Day 3 
Basic Materials Editing & Lighting (3 hours)

Day 4 
Arnold Shaders, Lighting & Renderer (3 hours)

Day 5 
Keyframe Animation Concepts & Function Curve (3 hours)

Day 6 
Simple Character Head modeling (1.5 hours)
Facial expressions (Shape Animation) (1.5 hours)

Day 7 
Introduction of Forward Kinematic & Inverse Kinematic Animation (Rigging Concepts) (3 hours)

Day 8 
Introduction Final Assignment Newton’s cradle Animation (3 hours)



Learning Outcomes

Course Objectives
-Learn the principles and basic operations of Autodesk Maya for basic modeling, materials editing, and lighting
-Learn basic principles in animation, including keyframes
-Create an animated video


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