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Advanced Javascript using ES6 standard

Advanced Javascript using ES6 standard

Most browsers are based on the ES6 standard nowadays. So, as a web developer, you should upgrade your knowledge of the ES6 standard as well. If you know the ES6 standard well, you will be able to write more effective, efficient JavaScript code.

This course is based on the ECMA-262 standard. Since JavaScript is not an easy language to learn, you need a good structural view in order to grasp JavaScript features. Otherwise, JavaScript will be confusing if you don't follow the ES6 standard.



Learning Outcomes

1. Understand how JS processes code
2. Learn the lifecycle of variables and the difference between VAR, LET and CONST
3. Understand Array Helper functions
4. Know the importance of closure and its basic concepts
5. Understand the usage of the arrow function
6. Know the core concept of the keyword “THIS”
7. Understand the Asynchronous and Await function
8. Be able to unpack values by using destructuring assignment of JavaScript


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