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(III) Realistic Models Sculpting

(III) Realistic Models Sculpting

After completing this module, students will have mastered the use of sculpting tools to work with models that have a large number of surfaces and complex textures.

Students will have the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the different textures available in Blender and their unique features, and learn to select the most suitable texture for their projects. In addition, the instructor will explain in detail the characteristics and effects of each sculpting tool, and then demonstrate step-by-step the process of surface sculpting and texturing, so that students can gradually master the skills.

(1. Master a powerful and promising 3D software
2. Most of the 3D models produced in the course will be simple in structure and can be further applied to game and animation production
3. Master the method of creating 3D models using the sculpting tools as the main tool
4. The course focuses on the creation of hard 3D models, which are mainly used to create illustrations)



Learning Outcomes

1. Be introduced to basic operations of the sculpt tools related to the course in Blender
2. Create an advanced model
3. Receive a further introduction to material settings and rendering techniques
4. Learn basic character design and modeling, and related exercises
5. Be introduced to high-poly and low-poly modeling and topology


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