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(II) 3D Printing of Anime Characters

(II) 3D Printing of Anime Characters

This module will focus on the creation of anime or personalized character figures using Blender.

The instructor will guide students to combine the features of 3D printing or production requirements, focus on the key points to consider when making models, and use Blender to model their favorite anime characters or their own characters. Finally, after mastering the skills, students will be required to print out their own work.

Students will become more familiar with Blender during the modeling to the printing process, which will help them to master more advanced modeling techniques later on.

This course will teach students the principles of 3D printing machines and their various uses. From everyday items such as cell phone holders and mask hangers to technology components such as grips for camera focus rings and computer case supports, 3D printing can meet a wide range of needs. Students can create small items according to their personal needs to make their lives easier.

The main goal of this course is to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of 3D printing from basic theory to practical application, and to offer them the opportunity to have more convenient life and expand their career prospects.

(1. Types and printing principles of 3D printer
2. Material characteristics and application scenarios of 3D printing
3. Use and maintenance of 3D printer
4. Basic modeling
5. Making your own 3D printed models (everyday objects, creations based on personal interests, such as anime character dolls, robot models and parts, and model scene making))



Learning Outcomes

1. Complete the preparation of the character model
2. Master the production method of the character's head (including the five senses and hair)
3. Master the production method of the character's body and limbs
4. Master the production method of character costumes and accessories
5. Master the method of finishing the whole character and objects


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