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Blender addons for simulation and visual effects

Blender is plenty powerful out of the box. However, the best add-ons make your life much easier.



Start date: TBC

Location: InnoCentre, 72 Tat Chee Avenue, InnoCentre, Kowloon Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong

*A professional certificate* will be awarded by Krystal Institute upon completion of the course.

Blender addons for simulation and visual effects that artists can use to save time and take their work to the next level.


1. Shot Matcher

The Shot Matcher addon speeds image merging workflow by analyzing an image’s or video’s color range. Which can be automatically mapped to the foreground and background elements in the compositor. This is especially helpful for adding background images to the render, or color grading visual effects. A lot of artists that work on VFX shots struggle with merging their render with the background image. Sometimes even when they match the lighting.  But there is one other thing that needs to be taken care of which is the color range.

The term to match color ranges is called “Shot Matching” often used in the industry by compositors. The Shot Matcher speeds image merging workflow by analyzing an image’s or video’s color range, which can be automatically mapped to foreground and background elements in the compositor. This is especially helpful for adding background images to your render, or color grading visual effects.


2. Advanced Ocean Modifier

Advanced Ocean Modifier offers a fast and simple way to create an Interactive Water Surface in Blender. This addon allows artists to create a fully animated ocean in Blender in a short period of time. Whenever we say Blender addons for simulation and visual effects related to ocean effects, this tool is probably the first that comes to mind.

Advanced Ocean Modifier comes with 3 Ocean Presets for calm or stormy weather and something in between as a third option. You can tweak all of this using the settings. Which can be useful for certain situations if you don’t like the basic state of the presets. And for creating water and foam effects, Cycles materials are already included. And you can use Advanced Ocean Modifier to make 3D models float on the ocean surface. Or have them interact in a short period of time then of course. As a result, you can make objects create waves and foam. Overall this addon creates beautifully animated ocean waves with foam effects. However, it does not achieve a very high level of realism that we can see using Houdini, Bifrost or phoenix FD for that matter. But we can say that advanced ocean modifiers are doing a good job so far.


3. Nebula generator

This tool is one of the Blender addons for simulation and visual effects that have been around for a long period of time. But now taking advantage of the enhance Eevee volumetric system it became much better. Nebula generator also used some of the results and progress achieved by some of Blender community artists. And packaged them into one tool that can create nebulas easily. There are a lot of parameters and settings you can change to adjust how the nebula looks. Like the color and textures of the gas or galactic dust, the number, brightness, and distribution of the stars which is automatically created using a particles system.

Even though it is possible to create amazing looking nebulas in Blender using this addon, there is a problem yet to be completely solved which is rendering animations of those nebulas. The problem is not in the addon itself but in the nature of how the volumetric system works. It has fast render times even at high resolutions. Also, a range of configuration options that allows you to change the color and shape of the nebula. In addition, by animating the parameters, the clouds can be made to appear as if they are moving.


4. Blender Addons: Khaos

their particle and explosion creation process with several clicks! With its assets and intuitive user interface menu, it provides the ability to procedurally add various particle effects including fire systems, smoke systems, dirt systems, and various particle debris such as glass, concrete, rocks, tree branches, dirt, metal shrapnel, rebar rods, wood pieces, and sparks! The KHAOS add-on for Blender 3D is a key for streamlining your VFX work! 

The 3d asset database includes over 35 re-topologized 3d models and scans of common explosion debris you would find in the real world. The developers made it so you can select and add this explosion debris inside custom particle simulations to the scene automatically. You can render the debris fields out separately to composite them seamlessly with a VFX compositor like Nuke or other compositors.

Also, Khaos has preset materials to get different results Whether you want a dust blast or a fiery explosion. Once added to the scene you can adjust the settings further to get a more specific look if necessary. It’s safe to say that it’s one of the best Blender addons for simulation and visual effects on the market.

5. Flip fluids

The FLIP Fluids addon is a tool that helps you set up, run, and render liquid simulation effects. The custom-built fluid engine of flip fluids is based around the popular FLIP simulation technique that you can also find in other professional tools such as Houdini, Phoenix FD, Bifrost, and Mantaflow. 

You can do a lot using flip fluids. For example, generating and simulating millions of foam, bubble, and spray particles to give a sense of realism to large bodies of water.


What you will learn

  1. Artists can use to save time and take their work to the next level. You can make mind blowing things and take the quality of your work sky-high. But most importantly, you can save tons of your precious time in order to invest it into more creativity. A lot of these addons are really good and you can rely on them when it comes to creating visual effects whether is it be simple or complicated.


  1. Experience Blender user

Who this course is for:

  1. Help experience Blender user to save time and take their work to the next level.


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