We develop real-time simulation tools that prioritize low memory consumption, realism, and enables dynamic interaction with model objects.


Alongside theoretical research, we have developed in-house tools for simulating physical environments. They include 3D asset viewers, exporters for Blender that encourage interoperability, and proprietary shadow and terrain modeling tools.

Game physics

Modelling real world dynamics in real-time

Research & Development

Our Research Topics

We have expertise in 3D graphics programming: producing shaders, game effects, manupulating camera angles, rendering SFX, and creating game terrain and eco-systems.

Computer Graphics

Powering 3D graphics rendering

By applying intelligent methods to graphic design, we can build massive, realistic virtual worlds effortlessly. 

Artificial Intelligence

Applying machine learning methods to design

Using in-house tools, we simulate massive networks of machines and players to test for scalability.

Network Architecture

Operating massive networks efficiently

Modeling and playback of interactive soundscapes, powered by our live environment simulation capabilities

Audio Synthesis

Delivering immersive auditory experiences

Open-source Integration

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