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Using AI for Graphic Creation

Using AI for Graphic Creation

This course aims to provide students with an in-depth understanding of artificial intelligence (AI) image generation techniques and their application in creative projects to create visually appealing images. The course will provide students with a detailed overview of the AI image generation process, including how to select and construct key terms to control character feature generation for commercially-applicable concept artworks. The instructor will also show students how to use AI tools to translate their creative ideas and emotions into visuals that can be used in concept design, split-screening, comic drawing, game and animation creation to achieve ideal, cost-effective, and smooth graphics.

Course Structure:

 1. Introduction to basic AI techniques: introduction to the basic background, historical process and principles of AI image generation techniques; explain how to use AI systems and how to make judgments about different application contexts
 2. Image representation: learn about graphic and data representation, and how aspects of color, light, contrast and color differences relate to other color channels in images

 3. AI image generation: learn how to use popular AI image generation tools to generate high quality images; make good use of official websites for filtering searches and use shared open databases; connect with developers of movies and games for fast, low-cost and diverse character settings

 4. AI creation: Use AI to generate various music styles, and use what you have learned to start producing AI-generated comics and games



Learning Outcomes

1. Use AI to automatically generate content and learn time-saving techniques for businesses and professionals who create content on a regular basis
2. Improve the quality of AI-generated content to produce more accurate and informative content
3. Increase content diversity to help businesses and professionals create more diverse and interesting content
4. Generate personalized content based on individual user preferences to make content more likely to be read or shared


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