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User Interface/ User Experience (UI/UX)

User Interface/ User Experience (UI/UX)

User interface (UI) design determines the look and feel of technological products; while user experience (UX) design improves the customer journey. Businesses are increasingly reliant on digital channels, presenting an imminent need for UI/UX designers. The course takes students through the gold standards in UI/UX through case studies, drawing from diverse design ideas in historical and modern contexts. Students then apply these skills in designing and prototyping a web page or app. Finally, students consider the importance of UI/UX inclusiveness through accessibility features.



Learning Outcomes

- From Feng Shui to Fashion: Expanding the definition of UI/UX design, drawing on an ocean of inspiration spanning from historic principles in Ancient China and Greece, to modern design thinking techniques
- Stepping into the User’s Shoes: Best practices in UI/UX are offered to students, who will apply them in prototyping a web page or app design using Penpot
- Universal Designs: Discuss the importance of universally appropriate interfaces and experiences, and incorporate accessibility considerations into students’ design prototypes


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