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AI For Professionals: CG, Animation & Graphic Design

AI For Professionals: CG, Animation & Graphic Design

This course will introduce students to the use of AI-assisted tools in CG animation and graphic design. Students will learn how to integrate AI tools into their creative workflows, and explore how AI can be used to enhance various aspects of production, such as character design, 3D modeling, animation, and special effects. By the end of the course, students will have developed a solid understanding of how AI can be leveraged in CG animation and graphic design, and will have created a final project that showcases their skills and knowledge.

Career Preparation:
The course is designed to prepare students for careers in the CG, animation and graphic design industries. The skills and knowledge gained from the course will provide students with a competitive advantage when seeking employment in these fields. The ability to use AI-assisted techniques in CG, animation and graphic design is in high demand, and this course will enable students to meet this demand and excel in their careers.



Learning Outcomes

1. Learn the principles and techniques of AI in CG animation and graphic design
2. Master AI-assisted character design and modeling
3. Master AI-assisted animation techniques and tools
4. Master AI-assisted graphic design techniques and tools
5. Learn how to integrate AI into the design process to produce high-quality graphics and animations


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