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10-hour DECT Digital Storytelling Course

10-hour DECT Digital Storytelling Course

The course is designed for children aged 4-7 o develop them to tell inspiring stories. Children can exercise their creativity by learning different DECT contents and be able to solve problems logically using computational thinking skills. As a preparatory course, children can be equipped with the knowledge to better study the corresponding DECT modules.

Course Objectives

1. Covering 3 major elements, including CAD and 3D printing, graphic design and computational thinking, providing a diversified learning experience

2. Interactive and interesting stories are used throughout the course to enhance children's interest in learning

3. Advanced open-source software is used for teaching, making teaching more digital

4. Special learning themes are designed to allow children to play different roles in the classroom for immersive learning

Course topics are listed below.
Topic 1: Junior Detective
Topic 2: Little Illustrator 
Topic 3: Helpful Builder
Topic 4: Smart Adventurer
Topic 5: Happy Designer
Topic 6: Brave Warrior
Topic 7: Marvellous Magician
Topic 8: Sensitive Sculptor
Topic 9: Devoted Director
Topic 10: Creative Storyteller



Learning Outcomes

1. Computational thinking - Abstraction
2. Learn how to use a mouse
3. Computational thinking - Decomposition
4. Computational thinking – Algorithm 
5. Recognize basic character elements
6. Computational thinking – Pattern recognition
7. Understand the basic relationship between 2D drawings and 3D shapes
8. Experience how 3D objects are made
9. Learn the concept of a stop-motion video
10. Master presentation skills and storytelling


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