3D Blender Ingenuity Bootcamp Foundation


Who is this course for?

Students aged 9-12, encountering 3D space for the first time


Students looking to enhance knowledge in geometry, mathematics, and 3D spatial awareness


Students wanting to train their artistic literacy

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Curriculum Characteristic

▶ Personalized mentorship
Trained Teaching Assistants provide help in each learning step

▶ VOD learning resources
Students can rewatch training video to practice after class

▶ Community platform

Ask questions related to the class from the comfort of your own home

▶ Free, open-source software

No hidden fees for software subscriptions to aid further learning at-home 

▶Award-winning software tools

Blender is used by professionals to produce films receiving renowned accolades

▶ Studio-grade equipment

Our classrooms are equipped with top-tier computers and displays

▶ Personal portfolio building
Students will create their own personal artwork during the course

▶ Eligible for professional certification

Our team is recognized by Singapore's national standards

Course Outline I

  • Learn concepts in 3D space

  • Operate the 3D software Blender


Acquire knowledge in Geometry and Spatial 


Rig and build armatures for 3D animation


​Build virtual 3D characters


Create a personalized Christmas card

3D Blender Beginner Course I

Regular Course
(Sep - Dec)

Every  SAT  10:30-12:30